How can you organize patients in a digitized system?

Medicai enables managing patients smartly, having an overview of the medical activities, direct communication channels, scheduling tools & more!

With Medicai, you can manage your patients and your team of doctors in one place, easily and quickly. We provide you with a multidisciplinary network and help you increase the number of patients, saving time through fast triage and efficient collaboration.

You can organize patients into a digitized system by centralizing files in one safe place. Physicians can quickly access patient imaging and data, collaborate multidisciplinary, and communicate with patients and other physicians directly from the platform.

By using labels, medical records can be customized as needed: diagnosis, treatment, interesting cases that can be anonymous and used later for educational purposes, the date of addition of the medical record, and the age or sex of the patient.

Through these labels, you can make statistics that provide an overview of medical activities for both doctors and hospital management.

Medicai creates a direct channel of communication between the reception of the clinic or hospital, the patient, and the doctor. The reception has visibility on the status of patients' health, can keep in touch with them directly from the platform, and can upload all investigations. The patient can upload documents, can communicate, and schedule consultations through Medication. The doctor can easily monitor medical cases, having all the necessary tools in one place.

The doctor can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and all medical team members have increased visibility.

Through Medicai you have at hand an efficient measuring and organizing tool for your clinic or hospital.