What happens after I exceed the subscription storage space?

Exceeding storage space is no need to worry about in Medicai! Learn what you can do, don't worry, your files are safe!

Exceeding the storage space of the subscription will have a minimal impact on your activity (applied to doctor's accounts). You will still be able to access all cases, communication, video calling function (if you have an old paid plan or a free plan), request payments, collaborate with unlimited doctors, create new cases, upload new documents and investigations, and more.

Account limitations apply only to imaging investigations and older uploaded documents (starting with the first-ever uploaded in Medicai) that exceed the subscription limit. So, for example, if I have reached 20 GB of investigations in my account and upload another investigation, only older investigations that cannot be included in the subscription limit will not be accessible - lack of access means you will not be able to open them with the DICOM viewer. Investigations that exceed the subscription storage limit will not be deleted, they still belong to you and you will be able to access them once you update your storage space.

Thus, we allow doctors to work uninterruptedly even when the storage limit is exceeded.