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How do I communicate with doctors in the Medicai network?

The only requirement is for both doctor & patient to have an account in the Medicai's environment!

Your doctor asked you to send the medical documents through Medicai

Create a free patient account! Go to the account invitation link or email you received from your doctor, fill in your personal information and upload your entire medical record (regardless of file format). Once shared, the doctor will have access to your files in real-time, simply and quickly.

You already have a Medicai account and want to send an invitation to your doctor

If you already have a Medicai account, you can send an invitation to your doctor to create an account directly, you just need his email address. Another option is to issue a link from the platform where the doctor can view your medical records, without the need for CDs or other outdated storage methods. The doctor can create an account for free.

You have a Medicai account and want to send your medical file to a doctor in the community

Through your Medicai account, you have access to the community of renowned doctors, clinics, and Medicai partner hospitals. You can search for the doctor or the medical institution by specialization, name, or we can guide you to send your medical file to the specialist that best suits your case.

Check if a doctor has a Medicai account

You can easily check if your doctor has a Medicai account. You select the files, request a consultation and search for your doctor's email address. If his profile appears after the search, then he has a Medicai account, if it does not appear, you can invite him to create an account and access the file sent by you.