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How can I quickly request payment for my medical services?

Requesting a payment for medical services through Medicai is easy, fast and compliant!

Medicai offers you a complete telemedicine solution! From uploading the patient's entire medical record, accessing imaging directly from the platform, and multidisciplinary cooperation to managing payments easily, quickly, from anywhere – you have everything just a click away!

To perform a more efficient first triage, you can add your unique public link, generated by Medicai, to your e-mail signature or integrate it into the website of the clinic or office. Once accessed, it will open a form for patients designed to capture all patient data, imaging, medical tests and other relevant medical documents. Each form completed by a patient and accepted will become a medical record in your doctor’s account.

You can provide the necessary medical service - video consultation, imaging interpretation, first or second opinion based on the medical file.

Requesting payment is safe and fast with Medicai!

You can complete your payment profile with company data. Then follows the verification of these data, after which, if everything is in order from a legal point of view, the profile will be accepted, offering the possibility for each service that requires payment, a payment link that can be generated instantly and sent to the patient. Send this link to your patients and the amount collected will go directly to your bank account at the end of the month. You just need the patient's or relative's email and the amount. Talk to a Medicai representative here about commissioning the service.

The patient will receive a payment form, and after the payment process, he will receive confirmation by e-mail, as with any online payment. If he somehow forgets to pay, he will receive a reminder once every few days.

From Medicai, you can easily manage payments: you are notified when the patient has made the payment, you can view all payments and their status.

A telemedicine solution, you're sure you're legal

With the help of Medicai, you can perform telemedicine easily and safely, without worrying about national regulations. The patient gives all the necessary consents to be legal directly through Medicai (terms and conditions, personal data processing, privacy policy).

Telemedicine – as a whole or the first step towards conventional medicine

With Medicai you have all the necessary tools to practice telemedicine. However, if your specialization requires consultations and other medical services done at the clinic or hospital, then you can use the platform as an efficiency tool. You can offer interpretations and recommendations for patients from other cities much more easily, you can offer a first consultation or you can easily collaborate multidisciplinary with doctors from other localities.

Medicai is a professional, easy to navigate and use, fast solution that helps you save time for you and your patients!