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How can the Medicai account help me?

Take a look at how Medicai's account is helping you in your care plan by keeping your medical archive in one place!

With Medicai you can have access to specialist doctors, you can keep your entire medical archive in one place and you can receive recommendations, interpretations and online consultations, all at a single click away!

You can create a free patient Medicai account quickly and easily!

Create your own medical archive

In the Medicai platform, you can upload all your medical documents in a digital archive. All your documents remain safe, in the cloud, without the possibility of losing or getting lost like the physical ones. Once stored, you can send certain investigations, analyzes, imaging, etc. to which specialty you need for a first or second opinion.

Send the medical file to your doctor

You can send your medical documents to your doctor quickly and easily. He doesn't have to have a doctor's account, you just need his e-mail address. You can send him an invitation to create a direct account, the doctor can create a free account (subscription details here). Another option is to issue a link from the platform where the doctor can view your medical documents, without the need for CDs or other outdated storage methods.

Send your medical record to a doctor in the Medicai community

Through your Medicai account you have access to the community of renowned doctors, clinics and Medicai partner hospitals. You can search for your doctor or medical institution by name, specialization, or, if you need guidance, you can call us to find the most suitable specialist for your case.


Get rid of lost roads and time - investigations, analyzes and imaging directly into your account

Patients who have a Medicaid account can have instant access to investigations performed in partner clinics. Moreover, the reception of the clinic or hospital may upload the imaging interpretation or other medical documents performed in the clinic directly in your digital file.

Communication with doctors and reception of the clinic or hospital

You can communicate exclusively in Medicai with your doctor, he can offer you interpretations and / or recommendations for new analyzes, the second opinion or you can benefit from a first online consultation, without wasting time and money on unnecessary trips.

At the same time, you can quickly communicate with the reception of the clinic or hospital, in your electronic file, directly from the application, you can make appointments or request more information.


With Medicai, you can efficiently organize all your medical documents, you can have quick access to doctors and clinics or hospitals, you can communicate more easily and you can benefit from telemedicine.