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How can you organize multidisciplinary boards more efficiently?

Follow the steps to perform collaboration, indispensable for complex or rare medical cases.

Multidisciplinary collaboration becomes indispensable for complex or rare medical cases.

Doctors encourage the formation of multidisciplinary teams, with doctors having the opportunity to communicate exclusively on the platform. Healthcare professionals can create group chats around a case, upload files, and even use video calls. External communication or transfer tools that consume a lot of time are no longer needed, the whole process takes place in a platform that is secure and always up to date.

5 simple steps for good development of the multidisciplinary board

1. The doctor creates a medical file for the patient that contains all the medical data and documents. They can be captured directly on the platform and from the patient, remotely, without the need for a trip to the clinic or hospital.

2. The doctor will add custom labels to the case, such as #Tumor Board, #TB entry date, #diagnosis, #treatment, etc.

3. The collaboration takes place before the commission - a group is created that contains all the members of the multidisciplinary team. The coordinating physician provides the group with access to the patient's medical record. All participants have the opportunity to verify, study and analyze medical data prior to the actual commission. Good quality images can be sent directly to the chat to easily locate the affected area (s) that need interpretation or evaluation.

4. The actual conduct of the board, online, directly on the platform. Doctors can take turns presenting patients' cases, radiologists can share the screen while opening the viewer from the platform so that all other specialists can see suspicious lesions or formations and the evolution of the disease. Also, previously uploaded medical documents are easy to access and show to all committee members.

5. The conclusions are drawn - a decision can be issued that can be signed by all members who have given their direct consent from Medicai, simply and quickly. It is kept on the platform and can be accessed at any time. By organizing remotely, both specialists from other cities or countries, as well as residents can have access to the commission from wherever they are. This encourages borderless collaboration and the educational aspect.

With the help of Medicai, the process of organizing and conducting multidisciplinary commissions is considerably improved. The number of cases presented in the commission increases considerably by reducing the time resulting from effective previous training, the organization of the commissions becomes easier, and the team members have the possibility to participate from any location.