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How do I collaborate with other doctors?

Follow this article to know more about collaboration methods that Medicai enables!

Multidisciplinary collaboration may be a necessity for complex medical cases. However, this can become difficult when the patient's data, medical records and imaging investigations are not in the same place. Even when most of the files are found in the internal software of the hospital or clinic, accessing them is difficult, and the possibility of sending them for interpretation to other doctors is almost impossible.

Through Medicai, you can collaborate with doctors, both internally, belonging to the same clinic or hospital, and externally, from other medical institutions.

Do you want to collaborate with a colleague who has a Medicai account and belongs to the same organization?

  • send the patient's medical record link directly via SMS, Whatsapp or other apps
  • or invite him directly from the platform to that case by quickly entering the first letters of his name
  • he will have access to all the patient's medical data and imaging

Do you want to collaborate with a doctor who does not have a Medicai account? The process is similar:

  • send the link that directs him to the patient's medical record
  • or invite him directly from the application, entering the full email address of the doctor you want to collaborate with. He will receive an email instructing him to create an account
  • once the account is created, he/she will have instant access to all the patient's medical data and imaging

Collaboration is easier with Medicai, doctors directly access the entire medical file, where they have all the case data and the entire collaboration history. Patient data, together with imaging, medical documents and case conversation history can be accessed from the medical record, even when the patient returns after a certain period of time. You have all the information you need in one place, centralized, easy to access and secure.

Collaboration between clinics and laboratories is often difficult, with the results of several patients being sent manually by e-mail. Through Medicai, the results of the patients arrive directly in the electronic medical case, avoiding the human errors caused by manually sorting the analyzes received by e-mail from the laboratories.

Through Medicai, you can collaborate both internally and externally with renowned doctors or participate in multidisciplinary boards organized by other doctors. Collaboration becomes more organized and fast when there is a safe and easily accessible space where all the relevant information to a medical case is located, and interdisciplinary communication with other doctors is simplified.

Create a Medicai account and learn from your own experience how collaboration with other doctors can be radically improved!