What is included in my payment plan?

Check the list below to see what is included in your payment plan in Medicai. Choose based on your needs!

All payment plans will include the following features:

  • viewing DICOM files online
  • viewing medical documents
  • unlimited collaborators in cases of patients
  • investigations received from patients directly in the doctor's account, directly through the public page
  • real-time chat with other doctors in cases
  • request payments from patients (requires validation)
  • a single account - multiple workspaces
  • data security
  • public community of physicians and clinics in Medicai (future)
  • public profiles of physician and clinic (future)
  • communication with the patient directly in Medicai (future)
  • easier distribution of cases and public cases (future)
  • section notes, signing documents (future)

From the launch date, all users who have a paid subscription (Professional Subscription or Premium Subscription), as well as those existing before July 1, 2021, will be able to use the video call function for up to 4 participants simultaneously.

We also offer annual subscriptions for each of the pricing plans mentioned above, for which we grant a 10% discount on the full payment of the subscription for one year.

To avoid any doubt, we mention that all the information in this section is intended for doctors' accounts, patient accounts are free.

We have also implemented personalized subscriptions and online payments for our enterprise clients (clinics, hospitals, or institutes), but they are managed on a case-by-case basis and the subscriptions mentioned above in this section do not apply to them.