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Who should I turn to for a second opinion?

Asking for a second opinion can improve your clinical outcome and decisions. Medicai enables quick access to a second opinion!

What is a "second opinion"?

"Second opinion" represents a review of the diagnosis and the treatment initially proposed. This can be developed by a doctor or a multidisciplinary team.

When to call for a "second opinion"?

When you have already gone through investigations and analyses, but the interpretation you received does not convince you, or your medical case is complex, in order to find the best treatment plan, a complex strategy is required, then you can turn to a doctor or a clinic for a "second opinion".


How do you request a "second opinion" through the Medicai platform?

You can contact the doctor or clinic directly from your patient account simply and quickly. Request a consultation and find the clinic or doctor from the search option.

Add your entire medical record and request a consultation or interpretation. The consultation can also take place online, so you have easy access to doctors in other cities. You don't have to waste time and money on unnecessary trips.

Make sure your application is clear, documents are named correctly and concisely, and attached pictures have good clarity. Thus, the resolution of your request can be faster.

If you don't know who to call, the Medicai team can help you with guidance.