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How do I monitor my patients more effectively?

Avoid administrative barriers with Medicai! Manage, sort & categorize your patient files effectively!


Organizing medical records is always difficult, but it can become overwhelming when you have many patients or you work in several medical institutions, and your patients' data is recorded in several places (management software, PACS, physical files, etc.). Without an efficient organization, medical processes become difficult, which makes monitoring difficult and the patient experience less pleasant.

Through your Medicai account you can have access to medical documents and imaging of any kind, organized in complete medical files. A collection of files of any type together, either directly from the clinic's PACS, or uploaded to the reception or office, or captured directly from patients.

Moreover, you can sort the medical files, you can put labels after the diagnosis, cases that must be discussed with the multidisciplinary team, the date of entry in the specialized commissions. You have access anytime, from anywhere, from any device to the imagery sent by patients, which you can view directly from the platform that has an integrated online viewer, without having to download it. You can compare two different imaging investigations to convey an interpretation.

In addition, you can add to the patient's file the new investigation performed in the clinic, just by a click, or quickly upload the CD brought by the patient. Medical processes are significantly optimized, saving time and energy by avoiding infrastructure barriers.

Once you have created a medical file for a patient, you can more easily monitor its course and evolution. You can add analyzes or investigations, you can communicate with him/her directly on the platform, you can send recommendations or you can send him/her to other collaborating doctors for further investigations and consultations.

Monitoring a case is significantly simplified when you have a secure virtual space where you can track your patient's entire journey.

A better organization gives you more time for what matters to you. Medicai is a safe platform that helps you achieve a work-life balance. Communication channels such as Whatsapp or your personal phone number can remain private, the course of your patients being easily monitored by Medicai. In the platform you have all the tools meant to help you create both for you and for the patients, a pleasant and efficient experience.